Friday, October 31, 2014

Maleficent Horns- DIY in 5 Steps!

Maleficent Horns- DIY in 5 Steps

Happy Halloween everyone!

A friend asked if I could make Maleficent's horns to complete her costume. My initial answer was no because I didn't think I had the necessary supplies.

Then I got it into my head, "But I really really want to make them..."

As a result I ended up browsing Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials. This is the one I used mostly for inspiration --> Make Your Own Maleficent Horns

I'm very proud of how they turned out. Once I realized I had all the supplies I needed just loitering around my house they took maybe 30-45 minutes to make!

And my friend enjoys them so I'm happy. :)


-8 oz. plastic/paper/Styrofoam cups
-headband, the wider the better
-a lot of black electric tape
-wire (I used aluminum)

Step One: Tape the cups the headband. At this point they don't have to look pretty because any tape job here is going to be covered up. To get the placement right I put the head band on, held the cups on, and used a sharpie the trace their placement on the headband.

Step 2: Use scissors to stick two holes in the bottoms of the cups relatively close to each other. Thread the wire through it. As long as you want your horns to be so that you can mold the tinfoil around something and bend the horns.

(tip): Stick the wire in before you put the cups on the headband. ;)

Step 3: Take rectangle swathes of tinfoil and proceed to cover the cups and wire until they are of a satisfying length and thickness.

Step 4: Wrap with electric tape. What I did was let the tape wrap around the horns in its natural curving pattern. Don't try to wrap in neat "rows" all the way down the horn. You're going to want to try to pull the tape tightly around the tinfoil without warping the shape.

Step 5: Wrap around the tips and center of the headband to complete the wrapping process!

Here are a few extra tutorials if you're feeling adventurous!

-Make Your Own Maleficent Headband
-DIY Lightweight Horns
-How to Make Horns

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